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You can enroll your child for the 2024-25 school year beginning August 5, 2024.  To enroll please go to the appropriate site office (Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School or High School).


Enrollment for students new to Kellyville Public Schools takes place at the individual school site offices (Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School).



You may download and complete most enrollment forms prior to registration.


Please read the following information regarding residency requirements for Kellyville Schools.

Procedure For Implementing Residency Policy

A. Verification of Residence

1.  General Statements

Students enrolling in the Kellyville Public Schools will be required to provide a verifiable proof of residency.

The parent ("Parent" as used throughout this document, refers to the parent, guardian, or person having legal custody) will be asked to provide a current utility bulling, a lease agreement, contract on a home, warranty deed statement, ad valorem tax statement, or mortgage statement.  The school accepts current gas, electric, or water and sewer billings.  Telephone and television cable billings will not be accepted.  If a utility billing is not available, the school will accept a statement from the utility company that services have been established.  The letter must be on letter head and signed by an appropriate official.  These documents must have a physical address, not just a PO Box number.

 2. Students Moving Out of the Kellyville District

It is the parent's responsibility to timely inform a child's school if the child's legal address changes from the district's attendance area during a school year.  If the student has been legally enrolled in Kellyville Schools for the current year, enrollment may continue through the current school year, but basic residency requirements must be met for the following year.

3.  Students New to the Kellyville District

Parents seeking to re-enroll a child in the Kellyville School District from another school district and are in the process of completing construction/closing on their residence within the district at the time of fall enrollment must establish their residence within forty-five (45) school days of membership in the school in order to enroll as residents.

Proofs of impending move must be provided upon enrollment.  The submitted contract document must provide the following information/verification: (1) the residence is located within the school district, (2) the stated closing/occupancy date falls within the forty-five school days of membership, and (3) terms of the contract verify that earnest money is being held in escrow toward the purchase/lease of the residence.

A student may be required to forfeit enrollment in the Kellyville School District if the family has not occupied the Kellyville residence within forty-five (45) days of the membership.

4.  Residence Affidavit: "Homeless Provision"

Parents who cannot provide the necessary information to verify their address because they are residing with a friend or relative on a temporary or permanent residence has been established with the Kellyville School District or documentation that their temporary residence has been established as the student's permanent residence.

Residence affidavits will be available at the school site.  Both the homeowner/resident and the parent of the student are to present themselves in person at the school to complete the affidavit, and each must provide a valid driver's license.  The homeowner/resident must provide proof of residence as required for all new students.  The student's parent will be expected to provide a final utility statement from their previous residence and documentation that the residence has been sold or that the lease has expired.

A child will not be enrolled until all necessary documentation has been provided and verified.  Building administrators will be responsible for initiating the thirty (30) day follow-up on all residence affidavits.

5. Legal Guardianship

The Kellyville Public Schools will enroll students who hold legal residence within the district.  Custody affidavit forms, notarized affidavits obtained from the custodial parent giving care and custody to another individual, or power of attorney documents will not be accepted except as otherwise outlined within this policy.

If a divorce has been granted, the decree will state which parent has legal custody.  If the decree awards joint custody, and each parent contributes in "substantial degree" to the child's support while they custody, then the residence in which the child resides on a regular basis determines the legal residency of the child for school attendance.


  1. Proof of residency are required (lease agreement, utility bill - must contain a physical address).  See section on residency for more details.
  2. An original state certified birth certificate.  Oklahoma law states that Kindergarten students must be five years of age on or before September 1; and First Grade students must be six years of age on or before September 1.
  3. Required Immunization records from health department or doctor's office must be presented for students to enroll. 
  4. Student's previous school information (withdrawal forms) - please provide the address and telephone number of the previous school.
  5. High School students must have a copy of their transcript and a withdrawal from their previous school with current grades.
  6. Parent / Guardian driver's license.
  7. Other documents (if applicable): Proof of custody/guardianship (court documents), Certified Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) card, Special Education or Gifted/Talented records, and important addresses and telephone numbers (i.e. place of employment, physician, dentist, emergency numbers, address and/or phone number of former school district).
  8. You may download and print most enrollment forms prior to registration at Kellyville Schools.  Please bring the completed forms with you at the time of enrollment.  You may download the enrollment packet here.


If you have questions regarding enrollment, please call the administration office at (918) 247-6133 Ext. 501. 

Thank you for taking an interest in Kellyville Public Schools. On the buttons below you can find our current transfer availability, the required application from the Oklahoma State Department of Education, as well as our policy regarding transfer students.